parallel make problem

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parallel make problem

Postby yao.zhao » Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:27 pm

Not sure how to attach a patch, is it a right place?

fix dependency issue when parallel compiling.

when parallel compiling, it may fail like this:
./gradm_fulllearn_pass1.l:3:33: fatal error: No such file or directory
./gradm_fulllearn_pass3.l:3:33: fatal error: No such file or directory

add dependency to make sure tab.h is generated before compiling .c to .o

add xxx_tab_c_h_wrapper target, to avoid parallel make problem that
multiple targets will be run multiple times.

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index e166e00..8e72454 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -63,26 +63,42 @@ $(GRADM_PAM): gradm_pam.c gradm.h gradm_defs.h gradm_func.h
grlearn: grlearn.c gradm_lib.c gradm_globals.c lex.grlearn_config.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -DIS_GRLEARN -o $@ grlearn.c gradm_lib.c gradm_globals.c lex.grlearn_config.c $(LIBS) $(LDFLAGS) grlearn2_config.y grlearn2_config_tab_c_h_wrapper
+grlearn2_config_tab_c_h_wrapper: grlearn2_config.y
$(YACC) -b grlearn2_config -p grlearn2_config -d ./grlearn2_config.y grlearn_config.y grlearn_config_tab_c_h_wrapper
+grlearn_config_tab_c_h_wrapper: grlearn_config.y
$(YACC) -b grlearn_config -p grlearn_config -d ./grlearn_config.y

lex.grlearn_config.c: grlearn_config.l
$(LEX) $(LEXFLAGS) -Pgrlearn_config ./grlearn_config.l gradm.y
+lex.grlearn_config.o: lex.grlearn_config.c
+ gradm_tab_c_h_wrapper
+gradm_tab_c_h_wrapper: gradm.y
$(YACC) -b gradm -p gradm -d ./gradm.y

lex.gradm.c: gradm.l
$(LEX) $(LEXFLAGS) -Pgradm ./gradm.l gradm_fulllearn_pass1.y
+lex.gradm.o: lex.gradm.c
+ fulllearn_pass1_tab_c_h_wrapper
+ fulllearn_pass2_tab_c_h_wrapper
+ fulllearn_pass3_tab_c_h_wrapper
+fulllearn_pass1_tab_c_h_wrapper: gradm_fulllearn_pass1.y
$(YACC) -b fulllearn_pass1 -p fulllearn_pass1 -d ./gradm_fulllearn_pass1.y gradm_fulllearn_pass2.y
+fulllearn_pass2_tab_c_h_wrapper: gradm_fulllearn_pass2.y
$(YACC) -b fulllearn_pass2 -p fulllearn_pass2 -d ./gradm_fulllearn_pass2.y gradm_fulllearn_pass3.y
+fulllearn_pass3_tab_c_h_wrapper: gradm_fulllearn_pass3.y
$(YACC) -b fulllearn_pass3 -p fulllearn_pass3 -d ./gradm_fulllearn_pass3.y

lex.fulllearn_pass1.c: gradm_fulllearn_pass1.l
@@ -92,9 +108,20 @@ lex.fulllearn_pass2.c: gradm_fulllearn_pass2.l
lex.fulllearn_pass3.c: gradm_fulllearn_pass3.l
$(LEX) $(LEXFLAGS) -Pfulllearn_pass3 ./gradm_fulllearn_pass3.l gradm_learn_pass1.y
+lex.fulllearn_pass1.o: lex.fulllearn_pass1.c
+lex.fulllearn_pass2.o: lex.fulllearn_pass2.c
+lex.fulllearn_pass3.o: lex.fulllearn_pass3.c
+ learn_pass1_tab_c_h_wrapper
+learn_pass1_tab_c_h_wrapper: gradm_learn_pass1.y
$(YACC) -b learn_pass1 -p learn_pass1 -d ./gradm_learn_pass1.y gradm_learn_pass2.y
+ learn_pass2_tab_c_h_wrapper
+learn_pass2_tab_c_h_wrapper: gradm_learn_pass2.y
$(YACC) -b learn_pass2 -p learn_pass2 -d ./gradm_learn_pass2.y

lex.learn_pass1.c: gradm_learn_pass1.l
@@ -102,6 +129,10 @@ lex.learn_pass1.c: gradm_learn_pass1.l
lex.learn_pass2.c: gradm_learn_pass2.l
$(LEX) $(LEXFLAGS) -Plearn_pass2 ./gradm_learn_pass2.l

+lex.learn_pass1.o: lex.learn_pass1.c
+lex.learn_pass2.o: lex.learn_pass2.c
install: $(GRADM_BIN) gradm.8 policy grlearn
@mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/sbin
@echo "Installing gradm..."
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Re: parallel make problem

Postby PaX Team » Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:22 pm

gradm patches are best emailed to spender directly ;).
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