How to interpret gradm -V statistics?

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How to interpret gradm -V statistics?

Postby `VL » Sun Mar 06, 2005 4:46 pm

Learning grsecurity... what all this means ? :)

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Policy statistics:
Role summary:
        2 user roles
        0 group roles
        1 special roles with authentication
        0 special roles without authentication
        1 admin roles
        4 total roles

Subject summary:
        0 nested subjects
        18 subjects can be killed by outside processes  <<<<
        21 subjects have unprotected shared memory   <<<<
        1 subjects with unrestricted sockets     
        21 total subjects

Object summary:
        0 objects in non-admin roles allow chmod +s
        364 total objects

How do i know which are these 18 subjects that can be killed and wich are 21 subjects with 'unprotected shared memory' ?

Is that pax-flags-related or... ?
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