PAX: kile doesn't start, denied RWX mmap

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PAX: kile doesn't start, denied RWX mmap

Postby vicp » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:32 pm


I'm using Arch Linux x86_64, with
    kile 2.1.3-7
    linux-grsec 1:4.9.13.r201702270729-1
    paxd 32-1

kile doesn't start neither calling /usr/bin/kile nor opening a file. In the journal it says:
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grsec: denied RWX mmap of <anonymous mapping> by /usr/bin/kile[kile:10130] uid/euid:1000/1000 gid/egid:1000/1000, parent /usr/bin/zsh[zsh:9925] uid/euid:1000/1000

The problem can be solved appending the following line to /etc/paxd, though I don't know if these are the permissions it should be using.
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em /usr/bin/kile

Is this wrong? Should it be in the exceptions list or should I submit a bug report to the kile people?
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Re: PAX: kile doesn't start, denied RWX mmap

Postby PaX Team » Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:35 am

you would have to look at the code of kile (and/or its dependencies) to figure out why it wants an RWX map. it can be either a mere oversight (asking for more rights than needed) or it may actually do runtime code generation (in a not-exactly-secure way). your PaX flags are fine for getting it to work for now.
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