lean kernel .config for virtualized guests

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lean kernel .config for virtualized guests

Postby ivan » Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:38 am


Configuring grsecurity was a breeze, but going recursively through the bazillion options the kernel provides was not. So in case anyone is interested I've setup a github repo with rather lean kernel configs for KVM and XEN (the XEN one works on a Linode). Hopefully it'll save someone else's time.
Those kernels have been in production for some months without any problem but as always no guarantee provided.

Suggestions/forks/pull requests and configs for other setups are of course welcome.


[EDIT] - I've also uploaded a script I've written to automate building, it automatically fetches the latest kernel and grsecurity patches, extracst/patches the kernel, and optionaly builds a kernel with a supplied .config file

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