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"make menuconfig" curses menu options

PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:22 am
by Construx
Aside from the Grsecurity choices to be made in the curses menu that appears with "make menuconfig", that menu has also a number of other settings pertaining to different options, several of which look interesting enough to me for further consideration, but the help file I saw was not thoroughly clear in all of the choices. I expect that google will yield more information about some of them. I was hoping that someone can point me to a good general source for getting a deeper understanding for many of these in one place, if possible, while I am now in the process of using it for the grsecurity patching

I have never before patched a kernel, and my experience no doubt shows. I won't burden you with multiple noob questions unrelated to your specific subject matter here, but I would appreciate a pointer to a good source where more inquiry can be made along these lines because, among other reasons, I don't even know whether I can change some of these other options from the menu at the same time I make my choices for grsecurity options or I have to make such options separately, while working on some of "those" patches and whatnot, so as not to interfere with my current procedure. Thanks.