A Standard Installation Procedure

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A Standard Installation Procedure

Postby Construx » Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:02 pm

I have a newly installed Debian OS, on which I now want to implement a grsecurity configuration to its kernel. The system is quite simple and clean at this point with nothing more than a minimal setup of the stable Debian VM Server components, LXDE-core, and a basic X-Window-System. I want to install the security components next, starting mainly with grsecurity.

I would appreciate it if someone were to point me to a link where I can find a good guide to follow for this procedure. I was hoping to use one that has proven to be effective for others and clearly written, ideally one that follows best practices so that I can feel confident that the outcome will be made efficiently and in accord with your program's intended objectives for security. As I stated, my OS is clean and simple at this point, and it is, therefore, in the right condition for achieving these expectations. Does such a guide exist, and, if so, where would I find it? Thanks.
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