[PATCH] grsecurity backported for Debian stable (2.6.32-31)

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[PATCH] grsecurity backported for Debian stable (2.6.32-31)

Postby ThinkRob » Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:57 pm

Update: I've updated the patch for the latest Debian kernel (2.6.32-31). You can get the revised patch here. Original post follows.
Hi all,

Since the patch in the squeeze repos doesn't actually apply cleanly, I decided to backport grsecurity-2.2.1- to the latest Debian stable kernel (2.6.32-30).

The patch is too lengthy to inline, so you can grab it from my site.

Feedback is most welcome -- I'm fairly new to kernel hacking, so it's quite possible I've botched something.

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